Xue X. Minnesota

Gun Control

Are guns really the problem?

Dear Next President,

There were many gun shootings in the U.S. in the few past years, and there have been many deaths due to the gun shootings. Some people agreed that U.S.A should permanently ban guns, but are guns really the problem?

I believe that guns should not be forbidden in the U.S.A because guns are not the problem, but the person who is wielding the gun is. There has never been a real and proven report that says that a gun had shot and killed a person by itself, but there are many reports that says that someone had shot and killed someone with a gun. Also, guns have two main purposes: the first one is for hunting legal animals for food, another reason is for self defense.

Many people will disagree with this argument and say that guns should be ban because it caused too many deaths in the U.S.A. However according to (www.gunviolencearchive.org), 1,330 out of 53,393 gun incidents in 2015 in the U.S. were self-defense. 

Gun owners should lock up their guns in a safe place where teens and young children do not know how to get to it or can get to it. The gun owner should also be able to easily access the gun when they needed to use it for self defense. The deaths of those who were killed in school by teens’ shooting could have been prevented if all gun owners had kept their guns hidden in a secured place where young people cannot get their hands onto.

A famous actor Charlton Heston once commented, “Let me make a short, opening, blanket comment. There are no good guns. There are no bad guns. Any gun in the hands of a bad man is a bad thing. Any gun in the hands of a decent person is no threat to anybody- except bad people”. (www.nlcatp.org) The gun is not the dangerous one but the person who’s behind the gun is the dangerous one therefore guns shouldn’t be ban.


Xue Xiong

10th Grade Central High School 

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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