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Gun Control

Gun control is still an issue and needs to be dealt with once and for all.

Dear President, Gun control is a topic that is debated over for a long time. What has been happening is that many people have died by getting shot by a gun. How this should be dealt with is debated. Some people think that people should be allowed to have guns to protect themselves. Some people think that nobody should have guns, therefore there won’t be any guns for people to use. These are two different options on how this should be dealt with, but the question still stands. How should we deal with gun control? “A 1993 nationwide survey of 4,977 households found that over the previous five years, at least 0.5% of households had members who had used a gun for defense during a situation in which they thought someone ‘almost certainly would have been killed’ if they "had not used a gun for protection” (Agresti, and Smith). In Chicago they have very strict gun laws but they still have issues with people getting guns. So if laws and rules aren't stopping people, than what will? Nothing! I believe that changing Gun Control should be a priority future president because many people have died by getting shot with a gun when this can easily be prevented.

I believe that making more rules on Gun control doesn’t prevent people from getting guns. One reason is because people have saved themselves by using a gun. A survey was taken of criminals in jail about guns. 34% have gotten shot at or scared off because of a gun, 40% didn’t do a crime because somebody had a gun, and 69% of them knew somebody that was shot at or scared off by somebody with a gun (Agresti, and Smith). That’s 40% of crimes that have been prevented because somebody had a gun. This shows that lots of people have protected themselves from criminals by using a gun. So it isn’t pointless to have a gun in case of an emergency. Another reason why gun control doesn’t stop people from getting guns is that more laws have been made against guns, and the crime rate hasn’t dropped because of them. For example Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. but it also has a very high gun violence rate. “And it's getting harder to make the argument that stricter gun laws are needed when violent crime has been decreasing without them.”(Nancy Benac). This shows that even though that there has been more laws against gun people are still getting them. This means that the bad people will still get guns from other places and bring them to where they need them. “Police have also emphasized that most guns used in Chicago crimes were bought outside of the city or state”(Kelly Bauer). This is all a reason of why making more gun laws don’t make gun violence go down.

The other side believes that making more gun laws is good and will make gun violence go down. Their reasoning is that their evidence is that research has proven that gun control works. “A similar overhaul law was introduced in Australia in 1996 in the wake of a mass murder, and according to one study, overall firearm death rates decreased by 14 percent the following year. Tellingly, there also hasn't been another mass shooting in the country in the 20 years since.”(Fiona McDonald). This matters because this is some proof that gun control can work in some places. This is some things that the other side believes.

What you should do is to lower some of the gun laws where their is many and watch the crime involving guns go down. Also one thing that is beneficial is that this is connected to a global goal. That is goal 16, peace and justice. Solving the gun problem would help the UN because then america won’t have to worry about it’s problems but problems for other countries and help them. So then we are closer to a better world. Gun control is still an issue today and if the next President doesn’t do anything about it than it might not ever go away. This is why you should focus on gun control.


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This tells that it’s not bad if people have a gun, but what they do with it is their choice. 

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