Anders L. Minnesota


My overview on the topic of terrorism is that we need to find a way to abolish terrorism and prevent future terrorist attacks that we can become vulnerable to.

Dear Future President,

Recently we have had terrorist attacks especially coming from a recently noticed terrorist group ISIS, we’ve had too many people that have lost their lives from such acts of terrorism and should be put to an end.

Many foreign countries are in need when it comes to this topic, recently we’ve had an attack in Paris but also attacks in our own country such as the Orlando Terrorist attack that didn't happen too long ago.“‘A growing issue worldwide, terrorism, has caused around 130,000 fatalities worldwide between 2006 and 2013”(Tucci,1)

“The 2014 death toll represents a nine-fold increase over 2000, when roughly 3,300 died in terror attacks.”(pbs)I believe that terrorism should not become a major worry to americans but also not a problem to us also.

My position on my topic is that we need to figure out a way to put an end to terrorism.Terrorism has affected many people all over the world and hasn’t gotten a lot of attention on it.Terrorism has affected many, it has affected people directly and indirectly and have killed many.“‘A growing issue worldwide, terrorism, has caused around 130,000 fatalities worldwide between 2006 and in 2013”(Tucci,1)This matters because over just a couple years more than 100,000 people have been killed, people that could have contributed to life furthermore Terrorism is beginning to occur in the US. From the infamous attack on 9/11 to our most recent attack in Orlando we’ve been seeing many attacks and threats that could mostly likely occur, “3,066 Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks from 9/11/2001 through 12/31/2014” (START, 1) This matters because over time terrorism could become a major problem and the Us and we could become vulnerable to major attacks. Overall terrorism is a problem that has becoming bigger and bigger over time and a problem that we need to stop.

Trying to contain terrorism could also cause racism.Trying to prevent terrorism could cause racism whether it be through skin color or it be religion.Recently trump has talked about people such as somalis spreading their extremist and majority are joining isis, "”some” of them [are] joining Isis and spreading their extremist views"(BBC, 1)This matters because racism is also a big problem in the Us and could cause even bigger problems that are already occurring from terrorist attacks.In conclusion there are many ways that people can view this topic.

Our next president should resolve this issue by cracking down on acts such as these and whoever that are flagged to be able to do something like this to be talked to and immediately investigated in order to prevent violent events.This mostly relates to our Global Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong institutions.This relates to the goal because the world needs it’s peace and less people being killed because of such acts as these. The US could support the UN by giving supplies and troops that are needed to ended terrorism throughout countries, this matters because without being peaceful we can’t come together and act as one power.

This should be in the next president's agenda because if violence that is continuing to happen keeps happening could make our country corrupt and make us slowly separate and make us all act as 1 and it would soon become all man for themselves.

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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