carolina t. Georgia

Illegal Immigration

we should open up our borders and let people in.

Illegal immigration

Dear future president,

Our immigration rules are a problem. We are preventing families from being together and dreams coming true. We should welcome them to our country. However, we don’t do that. Syrian refugees are rejected when they ask to come. Hispanic families get deported back to Mexico or south/central America. We should open up our borders and welcome those who want a better life.

“Many undocumented immigrants view the United States as the ‘land of opportunity’.” Are we though? We turn down those who look for help or want a better life. So, how can we be the land of opportunity if we don’t accept those who want to change their life? They aren’t just sitting on their butts all day doing nothing. In 2010, illegal immigrants paid 10.6 billion dollars in taxes. Random Hispanics are being pulled over for no reason so police can identify if they’re legal or not, which is illegal. This shows that we are being racist and need to change that as well.

Studies show, 52% of illegal immigrants are Mexican. Their country and government is corrupt. Drug lords run around the country. Why do we get to say no to those who want to get away from there? Families may be trapped in an unhealthy situation, or they might not have the financial support to become a citizen. It can take up to seven years to become a citizen, and cost up to $50,000. I understand letting anyone in can be dangerous, expensive, and risk taking. However, if we can accept the immigrants in the US, and let them stay here until they have enough money to become a citizen. Maybe after we can start opening up our borders.

In total, over half plan to stay here, and have been here for 10 years. They take jobs we don’t want. They build our homes, pick and take care of our crops, and work for cleaning our houses. They do the jobs we aren’t willing to do. They pay their taxes unlike some of our citizens. Also, unlike what Donald trump said, Mexico isn’t sending in murderers and rapists. These are regular people looking for better lives and education for themselves and their children. Immigration is a legal right. Most Americans descended from European lines and unrightfully came to America.

I understand people fearing of who might come through. However, immigration is a natural instinct. You’re keeping out millions of people. This is something we need to consider. Our economy may go up and more culture will be added to our America. We need to open up our minds and hearts, then maybe the border. This is a serious situation we need to change. Open up the border and begin to let people in.

From Carolina