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Slow Immigration Down


Dear Future President,                                                                                                                         

My request is that we calm down on the immigration a little. Yes, it helps some people,  but it is also causing a lot of problems in the US. Here are some ways i have thought of to fix them.

Most of the children that come over can't speak English. We stick them in classes and have to juggle both the English and foreign speaking children. That takes learning away from both of the children because we have to explain more to the immigrant children and try to make them understand. If we make alternative schools and classes for the immigrant children to learn English first, it would help with a lot of those schools learning problems.

Slowing immigration down would help decrease a lot of criminal activity. Immigrants come over here knowing their countries ways, have difficulty finding work, and are tempted by criminal activity. If we stop and take the time to explain things and teach them maybe they wouldn't be so tempted and would learn american ways. A man named Dong Lu Chen came to america with his wife and son from China. His wife later had an affair and he smashed her head in with a hammer, he only got probation because it's normal in China. Does that mean everyone can just emigrate here and kill whoever they want and pretty much get away with it? They should have to pay the same punishment as any other american would. If immigrants are going to come over here to live the american life, they should do things the american way.

Right now is the right time to talk about this because you are about to be the next president and we need to stop these kinds go things and make the US a better place. Fewer gangs, fewer killings, and more education for children.

Do you have enough power to stop these kinds of problems?

Have you put these things into consideration?

Would you be willing to fix these problems?

Do you agree with my statements?



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