Briana N. Arizona

Homeless Issue in U.S

Homelessness is a re-occurring issue in the U.S everyday. Over 600,000 people go without a home everyday. They are left to fend for themselves without any kind of shelter or protection.

Letter to President

Dear Next President,

To start it off, I want to congratulate you on an outstanding win. Not only did you win but you won with votes from majority of the country. With that being said, you have majority of the country by your side on every move. Please accept my congratulations on your victory and my best wishes for your success as you prepare to take on the responsibilities and challenges of your high office.

Although I congratulate you on a great win, I do have a subject that needs attention that I want you to recognize. This is the issue of homelessness in America. I believe that everyone should have a place that they can call home. Somewhere that they can go home to everynight and have a good night's rest. Imagine having a hard day at work and all you want to do is to go home and see your family in your nice cozy home. But then realizing that your home is a park bench or a dark alley. Well it is hard to believe but over 600,000 people in America today go through that everyday.

This is where you come in to help. I need your help to come up with a plan on how we can decrease and potentially eliminate the issue of homelessness. I had a couple ideas that you might consider. In my opinion we need to have more homeless shelters as an option to those who are living on the streets. Even though there are a couple here and there, having a couple in each city could be extremely helpful. We could also host more food drives, shoe drives, clothes drives, etc. in schools. By doing these drives we could potentially help hundreds of homeless people from all age groups.

Moving on to another matter, I think that jobs should be more accessible to the homeless. If they lived in a homeless shelter where they could get a bit cleaned up everyday they could go get a job to at least make them minimum wage. You could work with the vice president and other branches to come up with jobs for the homeless to get them making some money. Not only would this make them money but it could potentially make them enough to buy a small place to live, opening up spots in the shelters for others. This could end up turning into a cycle and slowly work until there are little to no homeless people.

Research shows that over 50% of the federal budget is being put into the military. Instead of it all going to the troops, you could change it to where you could take as little at 15% and put it towards jobs, health, and housing. By doing this, it would decrease the amount of homeless people.

By doing this, you will become someone who is hard-working, empathetic, caring, and trustworthy. This will make you a president that everyone can rely on and count on to make quality decisions. You will be one who cares for their people and for the future generations.

Thank you,

Bri N.

(National Homelessness)