Earl D. California


Immigration is huge and should be handled appropriately.

 Dear Future President,

I think immigration is a big deal when it comes to America. Illegal immigrants cross the border a lot and by being violent with them, they are going to act violent towards us. We should handle it in a very peaceful way by letting them explain their story and why they did it instead of just being rash and sending them back. “I think it’s time for people to stand up and call Donald Trump for what he is. He’s a liar, and he’s a bigot,” said Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

Immigrants should be able to live a peaceful life in America and we shouldn’t assume if they’re bad by one mark on their record. They could have been falsely accused, or could’ve been a terrible accident. By giving them a chance it will not provoke them into being violent with us, because we’re giving them an opportunity to prove themself. “Donald Trump's immigration speech: The same old tripe, he is a typical bully — brave only from a distance.” said Jennifer Rubin on Twitter.

Being peaceful with immigrants can lead to people being happy, and rational instead of being violent or causing sorrow. We should be pacifists instead of being irrational.



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