Conner R. Texas

U.S. National Debt

I believe that our national debt is getting out of hand each year on a tramendence amount of money. I know our next president can help this problem to make America Great Again!

Dear Future President,

I’m going to be talking about how much our U.S. is in debt. This problem needs to be fixed fast. It’s a huge problem and the next president needs to take charge in this problem.

The U.S. debt is the sum of the outstanding debt owed by the Federal Government and the debt is over $19 trillion dollars and climbing each day. The national debt clock in New York City shows everybody how much we’re in debt. Over the last 8 years our national debt has doubled with President Obama in office. We need a president in office that will reduce this problem today, so later on it will not be a problem. Over many and many of years now we have done nothing to try to decrease the national debt.

This national debt problem is a huge problem for families and individuals too. Low interest rates over the past few years have worked to the federal government's advantage, but people say the luxury of smaller interest families won’t last forever. America relies on foreign funds more than 50 percent of our debt. There are 5 ways that the national debt can affect people but the number one reason is the increase of house values going up. That an affect families that can’t all afford a house for their families.

So I tell the future president that sees this letter to fix this problem and take it to heart because this is the number one problem today that has yet not been fixed.


Conner R.