Alan N. Texas

we should change the education system

we have many students across the United states who need to be given the chance to shine in every way possible from how they get educated to the variety of things that we need to be shown, also to have a gateway to a better more Diverse future

Dear future president, my name is Alan and as a sophomore in high school I am starting to acknowledge that the amount of standardized testing that schools around the U.S schools has increased in the past decade. This is something that we need to fix within the education system and make actually learn something for the better future for generations to come.

Students around the United States have taken 122 standardized tests. We are treated in a manufactured very conservative institution almost like robots. when someone takes these tests they are to a certain degree set up for failure by offering us the same Academic studies and I feel there should be more of variety within the education system and I know you might be asking what do you mean by variety, well for example when I graduate out of high school I want to become a filmmaker and as a strong supporter of creativity I believe there should be more early different studies instead of having the same typical core academic study program. now I am not saying that this education system should be completely abolished but, there needs to be change starting by providing that variety one steady step at a time.

Sincerely Alan Nunez