Connor T. Texas


We need to win the war on terrorism.

Dear President,

Congrats on winning the election and good luck. My concern about the upcoming 4 years is about the growing terrorist groups attacking the U.S. We need to control them and build more defenses to stop them.

Terrorism is killing tens of thousands of people each year. According to The U.S. department of state there has been 11774 terrorist attacks 28328 deaths and 35320 people injured worldwide in 2015. If we can start chipping away terrorist groups, we can cut those numbers in half in the upcoming years. Just think that we can save thousands of innocent people who have families that love and depend on them. It will not be easy to take terrorist groups down but we are the best and strongest nation in the world.

Here in the U.S. we have people joining ISIS and killing innocent american citizens who did nothing to deserve harm. I believe we need to educate people about ISIS and how bad they are and how bad terrorism is. If we do that we can start preventing people from killing our own citizens and we can have more people fighting ISIS rather than joining them.

Terrorism has killed so many innocent people, how many they will kill is up to you. I hope you will take this into consideration when you are president.


Connor T.

 Student, KHS