Carly L. Texas

Minimum Wage is Hurting Businesses

Minimum wage is hurting both small and large businesses, and it needs to stop.

October 28, 2016

Dear Future President,

My name is Carly L., and I am currently a freshman at Keller High School. I am writing to you to discuss minimum wage, and how we need to keep it the same as it is now. People want minimum wage to rise, so they can make more money, not caring about where that money comes from. Now, think about this: Where does that money come from? That’s right, it might not come from anywhere, forcing businesses to shut down, raising unemployment. Keeping the minimum wage at its current rate will help small businesses in the long run, as well as allowing entrepreneurs the ability to enter the marketplace.

Now, I do understand the other side to this story. Everyone wants more money, even you and I. But, take a look from a business owner’s point of view. Say you own a doughnut shop, and you have hired five employees. They get paid minimum wage: $7.25 per hour. Now, say minimum wage is raised to $11.25 per hour. That’s four more dollars that you are paying per employee, per hour. Eventually, your business is going to be in danger, because of those extra dollars spent. You need to make a decision. You also only have three options: Raise the price of your doughnuts, let people go, or go out of business entirely. None of these options will be beneficial to either the employer or the employee. If you raise your prices, people won’t buy from you anymore. If you let people go, the unemployment rate will rise. Your last option was pretty self-explanatory.

Think back now; none of these problems will occur if we don’t raise minimum wage. This country needs you to step up to the plate, and keep minimum wage down. You will help our economy greatly, lower the unemployment rate, and allow businesses to stay afloat. If you keep minimum wage down, in the end you will help America’s economy tremendously.

Thank you,

Carly L.

Student, KHS

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