Marcelo J. Texas

Time to Take a Stand

War needs to be taken control of, Soldier's lives need to be preserved.

Dear Mr./ Madam President,

War for many citizens in America is a huge issue. I think America, along with other countries, needs to take command in wars and try to stop them. Many lives have been lost in war as a result of hesitancy to take control. Without immediate control of war between countries, many lives of Americans will be lost on the battlefield.

Many families like the Graham family have lost loved ones in war. Countless soldiers dying from suicide, homicide, friendly fire from bombs or bullets, etc.. According to, over 8,000 soldiers or contractors have died in Iraq in the last ten years. Many other wars have occurred over that time span, many of them happening at once.

Although these wars may not have an impact in your life currently, many other people are affected, and even you or your family could be impacted in the future too. Do not let the future of many American families or your family slip out of your hands and help America take control and stop wars.


Marcelo J.