Anika R. Illinois

Gun Laws

This is about how guns are sold illegally and how guns should be sold and police should crack down on illegal gun dealers

Dear Future President,

Our founding fathers created the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, as a right given to all Americans to help protect themselves. However, I feel that this right has been misunderstood by many. When I think of how guns are used for reasons beyond protection today, I feel unsafe. Some people possess guns for good reasons like protection or safety, but others have misinterpreted this right and have used it toward harming others. I strongly believe that guns should only be sold to people who have undergone a thorough background check. People use guns in bad ways to harm others in terms of racism and toward minority groups as well as toward gay individuals and transgenders. Guns acquired for this use are often acquired through illegal means. Some people who are mentally unstable or those using guns to harm others or themselves, should not have such easy access to getting guns. Future President, we need to do something to stop these senseless killings that are becoming a normal part of our world.

Future President, how can we monitor how people get access to buying guns? I believe it is important to uphold people's Second Amendment rights, but how can we ensure that guns only fall into the hands of responsible people. I feel that we should extend the wait time between when people apply for guns and when they receive their guns. This process would allow authorities to have more time to complete a thorough background check. Police should crack down on gun dealers who supply people who get their guns illegally. When a gun is sold illegally many people are endangered. We need to find a way to end illegal gun sales.

How might we solve this problem? Well there are always going to be bad people in this world and we can’t stop all of these people. Police need to focus on this serious matter. Some people are mentally ill and can’t help but hurt others and themselves. Then again, America is endangered whenever someone gets an unauthorized gun. This is a concern that not only police have to be concerned about but also everyone in the world.

I am asking for your help, future President, in this matter of gun control. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by everyone. We live in the greatest country in the world and we need to protect all its citizens. I hope that this letter has really made you think how we need to act soon on this matter before anymore innocent lives are lost. Help protect us and protect America! Thank you for taking time to listen to my concerns.


Anika Richard

Mrs. Belinda Strebel

7th Grade

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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