Anthony Bray Illinois

United States Debt to Other Countries

We need to stop letting our debt to other countries build up because other countries might want to take their money back if we don't start doing something about it.

Dear Future President,

I think we need to start thinking about how we are going to stop all of this debt that we have piling up that we owe to other countries. Right now we are the 2nd ranked country in the world for the most debt to other countries, and we have to pay it back sometime.

Now you might ask why is it such a big deal. Well, if we wait too long, America could be ruined if we are forced to pay it back. I know a country will attack America for money because other countries have already been attacking us for religion or basically because they want to. One of the countries that we have the most debt to is China, and from a survey done in 2012, 6.5 percent of people in China have to live off of $1.90 A DAY.  If we maybe stop or at least slowed down on borrowing money from them, that percent most likely will drop. I know that 6.5 percent doesn't seem like a lot but think what you could buy with $1.90 and then think about how people have to LIVE off of $1.90 a day. It’s basically impossible; maybe we can help these people.

Also right now we are at peace with most of the countries that we owe a lot too and it would be really bad for that to break and we have to spend more money on war equipment that we could possibly use to pay back some of the debt, for example we have a 601 billion dollar army budget even though we can still get attacked by a few people from people in iraq who have just a few million to spend on “military” why can’t we spare a few billion a year to a payback fund to the other countries, we are already have the #1 largest military budget in the world we can surely spare a little bit to paying back other countries And I know that some of these other countries has the power to destroy america if they wanted to and china is the in the top five for having the strongest military and guess what country we owe almost the most of our money too yes china so if they want too we can be put into a lot of trouble with this we need to stop borrowing this money or are we going to keep risking it with letting it pile up more and then having to send out troops to war for something we might be able to prevent.

In conclusion i think you need to start thinking about stopping this debt to other countries before it piles up more and we won't be able to pay it back so I think we should stop or even just slow down on borrowing money from other countries and maybe start paying it back by cutting down slightly on our military budget because we already have the best military and the budget and just see if we might be able to start to slowly pay it back from our military budget.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 1/2

Ms. McGovern's Period 1/2 ELA Class

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