peter New Jersey

criminal justice

Dear future president, I just wanted to tell you about criminal justice and how we can help it a bit more by having some sort of programs or something other than prison like if they tried to steal stuff like a phone they will do work for the place they stole it from and get no money for a weak if not maybe they should get a bigger punishment like 2 weeks of community service. Also you need to teach the the police a bit more because thousand of people died by police when they did nothing wrong it's ether get them better training or fire some people so there off the job also you need more gun control instead they need to do a test and pass maybe you need to put more things to do so you can't just do a test and grab a gun maybe pay more for a permanent to own a gun Also by the way you should start to doing these things because it might help you take more control over crimes maybe think of different things to do about criminal justice so this world can be a more safe environment for the future the future kids and us right now and i believe this will help make the world a better place for people