Natalie V. Illinois

Destruction of the discrimination. Let's stop gender discrimination in the workplace.

We need to destroy the unfair discrimination against women in the workplace.

September 21, 2016

Dear Presidential Candidates,

Throughout U.S. history, employers have discriminated against women in the workplace. Although there has been substantial advancements since the 1920’s, when women weren’t allowed to work, women today continue to face unlawful gender discrimination in the form of unequitable salaries, infrequent promotions and unfair hiring decisions.

While women are comparably equal to men in athletics, education, and politics, (I’m talking about you, Mrs. Clinton), women are still unequal to men in the workplace. Over the years, Congress has passed laws against the discrimination of women in the workplace. Two such laws include the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which together ban discrimination with respect to hiring, promotions, salary, and employment conditions based on gender. Even though the aforementioned Acts are in place, women continue to be thought of as inferior to men due to their appearance and physical abilities. However, American women are strong, determined individuals with bright minds and a willingness to work hard to accomplish their goals. They are not corporate “Barbie” dolls used to attract attention to a company.

I am a hardworking 13 year old girl. I maintain excellent grades while participating in band and soccer. But why do I try? None of this will matter when I get older. Men will still be treated more superior than me. This is what our country needs to change. It is my hope that in the future American women will be recognized and appreciated for their education and work ethics. Because of their efforts, women will earn the job they desire and be seen by society as equivalent to men.

I propose to solve this problem by creating “blind” interviews. Such interviews would require an applicant to first submit a resume through either the mail or an email which would consist of questions about their education and work experience leaving out their name and gender. Then, the company or employer would make an executive decision based solely on the applicant’s credentials. Finally, only after the employer selects the most qualified applicant will they meet in person. A “blind” interview will eliminate biased decisions and promote equality within the company.

America needs to immediately change their outdated ways. I want to see more women in head positions of companies, see an elimination of the salary gap between men and women, and I definitely do not want to see women being restricted from accomplishing what they dream because of their gender. With help from you, the potential leaders of this great country, we can achieve these goals. Let’s all join hands and stop gender discrimination in the workplace.


Natalie Virgil

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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