Dominique A. Illinois

A Human Problem

A problem that has plagued the human race for years is the lack of trust and respect we have for one another.

Dear President,

     My name is Dominique, I am a junior from Chicago.

    I know you're the president. I also know that you're only a human. With that being said, you can't fix all of Americas problems by yourself. You need a team behind you. Something as small as trust and respect may seem really menial, but those two things are a great building block for relationships of all kinds. I know some people simply cannot be trusted, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve respect. However, in some situations, trust is just as important as respect. For example, the relationship between the police and the community. The police needs to trust that the citizens will follow the correct protocol for that specific situation; and the citizens needs to be able to trust that the police officers will also follow the correct protocol for that specific situation. With that mutual trust should build a mutual respect. Unless there are extreme circumstances, then with that comes extreme measures on the police officers' part.

Have you ever heard the term "treat others how you want to be treated"? I'm not going to lie, some people don't know how to trust and some just don't know what respect is. However, that's when you have to step up and show that person what respect is. Sometimes, you have to to lead by example, and be that person that no matter what; you can trust them to do whats right and treat others with respect at all times. I can tell you from experience, that can be a hard thing to do, but it is possible.

As the President of The United States, you have the have the platform to be that person who leads by example. You can help show those people who don't have the first clue about how you would show respect to others exactly what respect is. Even though I personally don't have a very large platform right now, you can trust that everyday I will treat others with respect while showing them what respect is, and I trust you will do the same.

Thank you,

Dominique A.

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