Brittany Wydra Illinois

Is Global Warming An Issue?

Global warming is man made, and it is a big problem. Donald Trump is wrong when he says that is is just weather. He needs to deal with the problem if he is going to be president


Dear Donald Trump,

I very much disagree with you that we don’t need to fight climate change/global warming. You have said that it is not manmade, that it’s just weather. Global warming is manmade. Our Earth’s atmosphere contains of greenhouse gasses such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane, designed to keep the lower atmosphere warm.. Mankind is burning fossil fuels(coal, petroleum, and natural gas) that is releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and is believed to be enhancing the earth’s natural greenhouse effect, making it warmer. Therefore, Climate change is manmade. And it’s getting worse.

There are many consequences of climate change. Glaciers are melting, sea level is rising due to the melting ice, plant and animal ranges have shifted, and much more intense heat waves, an extended period of extremely hot weather. Many more droughts, and much less intense cold waves. By the end of this century, what was once an every-20 year-extreme heat day will happen every one or two years. Global warming will continue to get worse and worse in this century and beyond unless we stop it now. We can help stop global warming by not continuing to burn fossil fuels, and/or not emit heat trapping gasses into the air.

If you are elected president you should provide incentives to replace coal so we don’t emit carbon dioxide into the air. Phase out polluting plants. It is already happening with some of the nation, as they transition into using natural gas. You can invest federal stimulus money in nuclear power. Only a few accidents have occurred. With safety precautions, it can offset dirtier power. You can do all of these things if you become president of the United states to help stop climate change.

Global warming is a big problem, and I hope that I convinced you that it is manmade. There are so many ways that you can prevent this catastrophe. If you do become president, many people and scientists care about this, and, like me, want to see our president fight global warming. Hillary has said that she will. Will you?


                                                                                                               Brittany Wydra

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