Jordan New York

Let's Get Rid of The Electoral College

The electoral college should be discarded, because it's unfair.

Dear Future President,

This year I have been observing and trying to understand how the election works. I originally thought everybody could vote and every vote mattered. I recently realized that this is not the case. Our nation's founders created the Electoral College, which was meant to keep corruption out of the government and protect smaller states. Yet some people believe that the electoral college is a way the government tricks most citizens into thinking their vote matters.

As you know the electoral college says that the overall winner in a state gets all the electoral votes. So say you're voting for Bob but more people voted for Steve in your state. Steve gets all the electoral votes. Now does your vote matter? No, when they count all the votes yours wouldnt be included. Some U.S. citizens believe they are getting cheated out of their vote. Also, in some states, your vote has more weight than others according to the Huffington Post. Additionally, candidates pay more attention to the swing states as well as the states with the most electors.This is unfair to the states that get ignored. Our government does not want to address this issue head on, because the two parties take advantage of it. But independents have no chance and not all votes matter in the end. There needs to be a change.

The solution would mean changing or editing part of the constitution which many Americans are against. But it has to happen someday. Why not now? The Electoral College doesn't work, and needs to be replaced. Many people have suggested a direct democracy, giving everybody a vote that matters. Also to protect smaller states, I believe each candidate should have to visit every state at some point in the election, and discuss their plan as president.

As our president you have the power to make a change. You may be reluctant, but it’s your job as president to help the people of America.


Jordan L.