Humberto California

Uneducated Voters

Let's talk about uneducated voters.

Dear President,

There is a problem going on in the U.S. and that problem is uneducated voters.The problem with these voters is that they don't know what they are voting for.The current 2016 Presidential election has some pretty uneducated candidates running for president. People just vote for the most favored or for the color of their skin and i think they need to focus more on why they are running.

As a high school student I can't really say anything because i'm not old enough to really understand these politics but I at least know that i am not voting till I see what each candidate will do.This affects me because people can vote for a wrong candidate and that candidate and be uneducated or makes the wrong mistakes such as one of the candidates Trump.This affected my family because one of my aunt lost her job as a nurse which she studied for because they wanted to see if everyone had papers to be a legal citizen.The reason I know these citizens are not informed is because i watch the Jimmy Kimmel show and they do a session where they ask random people on what they thought a president had said but the thing is all they were saying were lies.The citizens played it off and thought they knew what he/she were talking about but in reality they didn't.

I think citizens take things for granted like they don't have to take the citizenship test because they were born here,so my suggestion is they should have to take the test before they vote or something like that.I see how it's also good for people to vote and doing their country a favor but at least know what are the candidates trying to do.So in conclusion, I think something should be done about these uneducated voters.


Humberto Lomeli



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