Jack R. New York

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

This needs to stop! It is enough. Stop this trash! Scoop up this trash! Do anything! I just don't want to see this trash in our beautiful oceans and beaches.

 Dear Future President

 I don’t even know where to start when talking about all this trash. It is crazy that this trash is covering most of our oceans and beaches. If you look at the facts of the great pacific garbage patch the facts are just tremendous when it comes down to how much there is and how much it is affecting us. Some people have made efforts to collect this plastic but I know it may sound like a lot to ask for but we need to get communities  to stop this. It may be one of the only chances we have.

Some people want to take the plastic all away and just use either biodegradable plastic or eliminate it. As much as you can others think it’s a better idea to just try to collect this plastic or try to net the plastic but in my opinion that would just take too much time because there is an indescribable amount of plastic. I think that before we try to collect the garbage we have to maybe make it stricter have plastic police or something but if somebody leaves the beach and leaves their plastic water bottle it shouldn’t just affect the environment,   they should get heavily fined. 

If we just had one day where thousands and thousands of people helped out, that would make a difference. We could also tax people on plastic now, which would make people not buy plastic water bottles. I think at beaches they should buy a kind of a plastic detector that will sense if you have plastic it must be removed. It might sound harsh but we need to stop the main channel of garbage and that’s coming from the land. The main source is the human source and the careless people that are just throwing plastic in the water.  It has grown bigger into basically trash islands and we need to stop it from getting worse.  Recycle your plastic and don’t leave your plastic on beaches!

By: Jack

Center Moriches Middle School

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