Chance Z. Wisconsin

The Effect Of The Election

Low Income people have the lowest voter turn out rate. The interests of low income people are not represented. The next president must ensure low income people have access to the polls.

Dear Future President,

In spite of the fact I’m not eligible to vote yet, I personally believe there should be a change on the rules of voting. As the unemployment rate increases and it becomes difficult to obtain jobs in 2016 and also in the future, it's harder for people of the lower income to vote. According to "In the 2012 election, 80.2 percent of those making more than $150,000 voted, while only 46.9 percent of those making less than $10,000 voted."

When election day comes there’s probably millions of people who miss out on making their voice being heard due to their job. As well as people leave due to the long lines they have to wait until they get a chance to cast their vote. The issue is that the people of the lower class, don't vote due to educational purposes.

Not to mention, education is a huge factor on why people don't vote on election day. According to CNN Money, ´´Elections are held on a work day, when time often equals money -- especially if you get paid by the hour. And having a car or paying extra for public transportation to get to the polls can just add to that expense.´´As well as people of the lower class cannot take off of work due to the type of job they have. In result the day of the election should be an holiday, everyone should have the day off of from work as well as school.

In addition the public’s voice is almost never heard in the society. As if it seems that people only with high power in the work force only can have a voice in the economy. The people of the lower work class can almost never take off of work due to all of the bills they may have to obtain. This is an issue due to the day of the election is held on an work day. Which creates problems for those who cannot leave work to cast their vote, leading to a low voter turnout. Due to how important the election is for the United States, everyone of all of the workforces should have off work, as well as school. In result the vote turnout would increase by an significant amount.

Not only does work affect the voter turnout, education does as well. Those who are eighteen or older in the lower income class sometimes lack education. In result they don't follow behind the political engagement because they probably didn't finish high school. The person with a higher education would vote before the person who lack education. Due to the knowledge of the the debate and understanding also relating to situations that may be talked about. According to NY times, people who are more educated are more likely to vote, and within those ethnic groups would certainly display that. The person with no education probably cannot follow the debate due to the time they have working long hours to feed themselves and probably their children. The further the education of a person will display if the person may vote or not.

Not to mention, in the United States voting in today’s society is a problem all over the country. The voter turnout for states are incredibly low, as people of the community aren’t putting forth effort to vote due to the their actions. According to the graph, the advanced the education of a person the better chance that they're going to vote. Due to the voter turn out of certain counties would explain the type of education the people in that county may have. As people visit the pollings sites to vote, they wait for long hours until being able to vote. Even though you may wait long hours you probably will not get a chance to vote. 

According to Cronkite News, large numbers of people are showing up to polls and when they find out their not able to vote they become extremely upset. This adds to the state's low voter turnout as people aren’t able to vote due to the long wait. As people cast their vote it means the world to them, it isn’t just checking off a piece of paper. In due time, the polling sites should find a new way to bring in more people at a faster rate.

In conclusion, people of the lower class don't vote due to a lack of education. For those who lack education, they should be educated on the political system and also the candidates. As well as the day of election should be an holiday due to how important it is to the nation and for people can have a chance to cast their vote. In due time, election day would soon be a holiday as well as people who lack education will soon to be educated. In result the voter turnout for counties will increases by a significant amount.


Chance Z

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

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