Emma W. New York

Animal Abuse

My letter will be about how animal cruelty is wrong and shouldn't be allowed in our country!

Dear Future president,

Hello, my name is Emma. A big issue I think needs to be more strictly informed is animal rights. There are many animal cruelty laws existing but they are not being followed. The biggest threat to animals today is abuse. The most common victim of animal abuse is horses, livestock, dogs, cats, and birds. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of cases related to animal abuse that go unreported each year. Animals are suffering from the poor actions of people. Hundreds of animals die each year by thoughtless actions of humans. People hit their animals to train them but that is considered abuse. Think about someone hitting you to train you to do something. Would you like it? A person that abuses an animal in anyway is not entitled to be called human.

Another problem that needs to be solved under this category is the animals in the circus, who are tortured all their lives. Tigers, lions, elephants, and the other animals in the circus are forced to perform in shows. If they fail to cooperate, they are hit with a whip. This is a harsh way of training these animals, which should maintain in the wild. This issue needs to be fixed! A way this can be fixed is by banning all animals from the circus and leave them in their natural habitat.

According to Pawfect Nation, Many animals are abused in religious and traditional sacrifice festivals. People enjoy hurting and killing animals in these festivals, and think it is a good way to celebrate and have fun. However, this is one out of many of the reasons why the animal population is decreasing.

Another example under this topic is animal experimentation. This is also considered abuse, and the worse kind. Approximately, 26 million animals are used for experimentation each year! The most occurring animals being experimented on are chimpanzees, monkey, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, birds, farm animals, etc.

These poorly treated animals don’t have a fair life and don’t get a choice to do these tests or not. According to many sources, the people doing these tests to animals confiscate cats and dogs from their rightful owners and do experiments on them, without getting a say. Also, nobody has ever died or been killed trying to protect animals rights or animals from abuse.

This problem needs to be solved, and we need to do something about this issue. You have the power to make animals rights be heard. Please solve this tragic matter and help animals everywhere from the torture they are getting! Thank you, and I hope you take this topic into consideration.