Erica Pennsylvania

Voting Age

People have been thinking about changing the voting age. I think we should keep it at the age it is now for many reasons!

  October 18th 2016

Dear Future President,

I believe that the voting age should not be lowered any more. People changed the average voting age to twenty one and lowered to eighteen, possibly sixteen in the future. That might be a bad decision

My opinion on voting age is that we keep it at eighteen. Why I believe that is because at the age of eighteen men and women can die for their country by joining in the military. They will be like a young adult that is in control of who their voting for. Also because at eighteen year old's can start a family young. Hopefully they will pick the best president that would support and be responsible to families like that. At the age eighteen, many of them live on their own they are like a young adult that is responsible and capable of voting with some knowledge in their hands.

Some people these days have been walking around with posters begging, why not let everyone vote? If you think about it people with many ages can cause problems, especially young foolish kids. If little kids vote they may not take it seriously than some adults. Adults have a better understanding about voting. Also kids might vote for what their friend is voting for, which is very common. Take Donald Trump for an example, he is irresponsible and doesn’t put in the time and effort into his work. Kids will probably vote for him either because he’s cool or funny. While some other adults see him as an irresponsible leader to our state. So take my word and don’t lower the voting age any more.