Layana New York

Taxes Ain't Fair

I agree that taxes are a big deal in our society. Wealthy people pay 20% in taxes while middle class pay 40% in taxes. Some wealthy people don't even pay their fair share in taxes, and many times the government uses our taxes for unnecessary things.

Dear future President,

Taxes - you’ve probably been paying them your whole life. Working long hours just to see how many taxes you are getting taken out of your check. Many young adults and parents are going through this and nobody is agreeing with this. I believe that we should revise the tax system. Many changes should be brought to the tax system.

According to the Washington Post, “ Wealthy people pay 20% in taxes, middle class people pay 40% in taxes.” I find this unfair because some wealthy people don’t pay their fair share in taxes. Although taxes are a big situation, they are necessary for our government to run. Taxes help us with hiring employees and with social programs. Money from taxes pay for infrastructure such as roads, water systems, parks and more. Even though taxes help us with many things, often times taxes are channeled into areas some may consider wasteful or unnecessary. For instance a senator from another state might secure millions in a federal tax for research on oil reserves or wildlife because the money would help his or her state, bereaving other states who need the funds for their own needs. A country that doesn’t spend their tax money on the right things will have a depressed economy. "If the economy became depressed, banks would close and there would be a low supply on gas, food and other necessities. It would also create global panic and the dollar would plummet. Interest rates would escalate and investors would rush to other currencies, and this would be bad on our economy."

I agree that taxes are a big problem in our society. I have experienced it myself in my family. When my mom does income tax, that time of the year is big for her because she never knows how much she is getting back in taxes. I feel that people who are wealthy don't have to worry about this because some don't have to pay or some just pay 20% in tax. Taxes should be lowered for many purposes. If tax money is being spent on unnecessary things,  then the government should let families that really need their money keep it. Lowering the taxes would make a big u-turn in our society and affect us in the best ways.  I hope you make America great.



Troy High School

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