Zaylan North Carolina


How the government should leave sports how it is

Some people are coming in and are trying to change the way of football.Because the concussion rate goes up every year and it injuring more player but it's bad to but i think the should just leave it alone because the been playing the sport like this for years.And there trying to reduce the concussion but it will get even higher but it will be ok because they like playing the sport that they play and don't want to change nothing about it.

The concussion rate for soccer is 19 - 19.2

The concussion rate for football is 64 -76.8

Yes the rate is high but we have to leave the sports tradition along.

Like for example if people try to take the tackling away from football it won't be the same.The coaches for the football team always say do your best and tackle hard at all times.If they take that away the whole sport will be change because football is a physical sport that is intended to stop the other players.

Leave sports alone