Jasigh Massachusetts

should college athletes should be paid

Athletes are making money for their school but not for themselves.

Division 1 NCAA athletes work hard; they go to practice, they study, they entertain thousands of fans, but they don’t get paid. I think this is wrong. These division 1 schools are profiting off these athletes, but the athletes don’t see a single a dollar. Mr. or Madam President, I would like to see you work towards making sure these young athletes get paid. They should be treated like professional athletes every thing is the same except their not payed and they are still getting an education. These athletes are very good and they get scholarship money but they don't get money to buy things that they want they can only have money to go to the school they are going to.

They should be paid now because they are going to be paid when they get drafted into their sport. Also they need to be paid so they can buy things at the college, like food and dorms.

Former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon has been outspoken on this issue, saying “I feel strongly that if everyone involved can get together and talk about things they can work things out, whether it be pay while you are in school or collecting when your eligibility is up.”

We should have more colleges use money that they get from tv programs and from players that paying them to go to their school and they should pay their athletes because they are making money because the way they play not the way the school plays. These athletes are playing for the school getting money for themselves. These players need to be payed for there work because them getting money for their school but not being payed for that doesn't make sense. 

Baker ELA


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