Bryan L. Minnesota

Visa request issue

To decrease the number of undocumented immigrants the U.S government should make visa requests more easily obtainable to people in other countries who deserve a chance to live a better life.

Dear Future President,

Clearly from the presidential debate illegal immigration is a big issue that causes a lot of disagreements in the United States. Many opinions were said towards the illegal immigration problem but little facts were shown. Immigrants that come to the United States illegally come because most don't have the chance to come legally so they have to do anything to live and give a better life to their family. To decrease the number of undocumented immigrants the U.S government should make visa requests more easily obtainable to people in other countries who deserve a chance to live a better life. This will benefit the United States in more than one way, making this country a better and safer place.

“The Obama administration deported 414,481 unauthorized immigrants in fiscal year 2014, a drop of about 20,000 (or five percent) from the prior year, newly released Department of Homeland Security data show. A total 2.4 million were deported under the administration from fiscal 2009 to 2014, including a record 435,000 in 2013, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of the data.” ( The research done by Pew Research shows that hundreds of thousands immigrants that come to the United States get deported every year. If the U.S government gives visas more easily the rates would drop and less people would take the risk of coming undocumented. People who come to look for a better life take many risks through the way here. “Less people are coming across,” said Bruce Anderson, the chief forensic anthropologist at the medical examiner’s office, “but a greater fraction of them are dying.” ( By making visas more easily obtainable a lot of lives would be saved because people would come with visas instead of risking their lives.

Many people think that every immigrant who comes to the United States is just going to come and stay to live here forever. But if they come with visas the government can make them come to visit and work for about 6 months and then leave back to their country. This would benefit the U.S because it would increase the economy and it would allow many immigrants to just work and get some money to increase the way their family lives. 

The reason why few people request visas are because they take along time to get, it takes money to apply, and the possibilities to get accepted to receive a visa is very little. According to, “If you’re applying for a temporary nonimmigrant visa -- for example, a tourist, student or work visa -- the wait could be measured in a few weeks or months. But if you’re trying to move to the United States permanently and are applying for an immigrant visa and looking to eventually get a green card for example, then the wait could take years.” I have family in El Salvador who are trying to come visit and have requested visas but they never get accepted because they say in order to come to the U.S with visas they need to have properties and at least a husband or wife because they want them to have something which they want or have to come back to. So if the government allows more people to get visas, many more people will register.

Many U.S. citizens think if we allow more immigrants to come to the United States they will ruin our country, but that is not true. The United States is known for having many different religions and races which make up our country a more intelligent and economic country. “Immigration makes a more innovative, flexible, and productive economy, leading to new and better jobs. The benefits rise over time, with an expanding economic pie.” ( By bringing people with visas for a short period of time, the United States will profit from it. But most of the times we don’t give others a chance to prove that they deserve a better life. “Foreign students are turned away from U.S. universities, highly-skilled individuals are barred from working in America, and even political refugees sometimes are denied entry.” ( we have opportunities to make America a better place but deny the chances we have a lot of times. Donald Trump said ““When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Immigrants are human beings like all of us, they make mistakes but that doesn't mean all are bad. As president Obama once said “the vast majority of these individuals aren’t looking for any trouble. They’re just looking to provide for their families, contribute to their communities.” Indeed, their presence benefits most Americans.(

In conclusion everyone deserves to live a good life. Put yourself in their shoes, if you live a poor life in a place where you don't feel safe, wouldn't you want something better for your family and yourself? Let's give people the chance to gain some money and some peacefulness from the real hard world they live in. Let's give Immigrants who deserve something better for them and their families a chance to live the American Dream.


Bryan Leon

Grade 10 Central high school

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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