Hanna S. Michigan

Equality for Female Athletics

Female athletics are not as popular as male athletics, but that can be changed. People voted for equality and it needs to happen more in the sports world. Right now the world is not healthy and female sports could change that.

Dear Next President,

There are a lot of great female athletes in the world and they're not as well known or as successful as male athletes. Only real income-known sponsors like Gatorade, Adidas,  etc. are helping female athletes become successful.

Many people know that female sports are not as popular as male sports, and some believe female athletes are not as competitive as male athletes. They don't bring in the revenue because there is not as much spectator-ship. But here's how you, Next President, can fix that. If you would give more attention to female athletes, maybe other people would too. Also if you would raise awareness about the importance of female sports, people would watch female sports more. You have the power to influence the world, and if you did that, it would make female athletics just as successful as mens'.

On August 18th, 1920, people voted for equality for women, and more women's rights. People thought women needed more equality then; we need to make that happen in the sports world now. If the community and everyone could fight for women in sports the way they fought for women back in 1920, it would make a difference to women everyday.

If you, Next President, would focus on female athletes, people would realize how important, competitive, challenging, and most of all, how exciting our sports really are. Not only would people recognize female athletes, they would start to watch them more. Also people would go to more games which would raise more money for women athletes. Organizations like WNBA and pro fastpitch would enjoy this a lot, because they could play their star athletes more, and they would not have as many money worries. Even better, female athletes would have more time in the off season to train and get stronger, be healthier, and become better sportswomen.

One thing we really need to see improve in the world is the health in women. Being healthy is very important in life, but we are less healthy than ever. If female sports were more popular, more girls in the world would play, because they would be inspired by female athletes, their role models. Being healthy would cause obesity to decrease and being healthy would be more common. I really care about healthy women and female athletics, and I hope you do too. I believe you, Next President, have the power to make female sports more fair and equal, just like male sports.



7th Grade

Evart Middle School

Evart, MI