Autumn M. Texas

National Debt

National Debt is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

Dear future president,

I am addressing you with a very common problem we have currently in the United States. I am a freshman at KHS and I know what a debt is. I have had to pay one off to my parents with my babysitting money. A debt is when you borrow money and then raise the money to pay them back, sometimes it takes longer depending on how big the debt is. For example our national debt is extremely to high and needs to come to a conclusion because at the moment it is a very big issue.

For our future president I believe that we could solve this problem. Although I think that this generation might be needed to move in slowly we have many people each year moving out of the legal guardians house and or starting college. With these new adults starting out their lives I think we could solve some problems of national debt. First we could charge each citizen a dollar more on each bills and put that into the national debt. Then we could ay back by using that extra dollar from each citizen ad slowly we will get money to pay back our national debt. Throughout the years of doing this we will get more and more money that should be saved to pay back other countries. Another way we could lower our rate os to stop borrowing money from other countries until we have enough to pay them back.

I understand the difficulties that might happen on the way to paying our debt back but we will have more problems if we donโ€™t come to a resolution. This will be solved if we start saving and spending the money on things that we need.

-Autumn M.