Dhyasa k. Texas


As the use of electronic devices advances, the more cases of cyber bullying will occur.

Dear Next President,

About 90 percent of people own a computerized gadget(cnn.com). This means that there are many more chances for cyberbullies to catch their prey. Cyberbullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide(dosomething.org). Also, it lets them down and lowers their confidence.

Some kids feel like they are not good enough and wish to be dead. They may take pills and try other varieties of suicide. Suicide is the No. 3 killer of teens in the US(cyberbullyhotline.com). This is not okay for people to comment or say harsh things to other people over the internet, especially when the victim is insecure. The person that is getting picked on is not a punching bag for bullies to let their problems out on; they are human beings too.

Attitude and confidence shapes a human being. Victims of cyber bullying can sometimes be lowered of their confidence and feel out of place, which is unacceptable. Stealing someone's confidence is stealing their self image. That's who they are. This issue could take away the great minds of many kids and all that would be left is handfuls of these great minds. Then out of that handful, more kids will get cyber bullied and all is left is a few of these bright minds. It's the domino effect of cyber bullying.

In the end, cyber bullying is an issue we need to stop. Teenagers across the world are committing suicide and dying because of cyber bullying. Every day, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide. (CDC). Our population is lowering by the day. Think about how cyber bullying lowers self confidence and how some smart minds could turn dull with a click.


Dhyasa K