dakota i. Texas

gun control


11/05/16 Dakota Ikeler

Dear Mr./Mrs.President

Guns are one of the scariest things man has ever made one nightmare everyone has had is the boogie man under your bed and getting shot. We should make a stricter gun rule,to prevent shootings if we outlaw guns there are still going to be shooting but there will be less.

School shootings are the worst shooting there could ever be who would kill kids ranging from 4 to 12 that is horrible they are just kids they are still learning and would have no idea what is going on. December 14 2012 20 male shot his mother and then shot up sandy hooks elementary and killed 20 age 6 to 7. If we had stricter gun rules like a 6 month renewal for a gun and harder to pass test to get a gun license.we also have a problem with police shooting people. Claiming they had a gun or a weapon and they were endangering civilians.cop shot a physical therapist 3 times in the leg, because they thought his patient had a gun but it was a toy truck,the physical therapist was pleading for his life.

We should change the laws for guns to make it harder to keep and own a gun.we should also make the test for cops to carry a firearm much harder.to make it so that people dont have to live there nightmare.