Ella R. Texas

Gender Wage Gap

Gender wage gap is a major problem in our country.

Dear Future President,

A major problem is that there is a difference between women and men’s wage. Wage discrimination does not only occur between male and female, but it also can occur between races and age. The reason wage discrimination is a big deal because people working and getting paid is a major necessity of life.

People need to make money for everything and when their is an unfair amount given to most people that causes a problem. Women deserve equal pay for equal work. In this generation we have worked out many discrimination problems. In 2015 women only made 80 cents for every dollar a man made. Those 20 cents add up causing a major difference. A good example is, say a man was making $51,212 a year. The pay difference would cause a women to only make $40,742 that same year. That is a difference of $10,470 each year.

A lot of people say that pay is equal and women just have different jobs than men. For example when a man has a job where he has to go out and get his hands dirty, like a gardener or plumber, they sometimes will get tipped which obviously adds to their salary. But, tips are not always the case. Most of the time discrimination happens when women and men will have the same job. That is when it crosses the line and just plain unfair.

Since many companies forbid employees to discuss salaries with each other therefore many people don’t know if they are being paid equally. A way to fix this could be having businesses set one, fair amount that everyone receives their first year. Then the years after that you can only earn more than someone else if you get a raise or work overtime. That makes pay very fair. This is fair because no one will receive lower than a decent set amount and you have to earn a higher amount. Research says that women and men wouldn’t have equal pay until 2059, but with ideas like this one it could be a lot sooner. 

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