asia d. California

Justice & Equality for all

Here you will find the issues, I think are important to perhaps others and myself that should be handled fast.

Dear President, 

               Do you know how many life's been taken away by police officers? Well in the previous year, we've lost 990 people and out of all 990 there was 258 blacks shot. Lately, I'm pretty sure you've seen it too , that officers on duty and off duty have been treating people in color very rough and going left and right killing citizens who did something small that was wrong like for example Alton Sterling was pinned down by police officer(s) because he was selling CD's outside a local liquor store and flashed his gun at a homeless man to get away. Then, the homeless man immediately called 911 and because of Sterling's record it just made the situation worse and while Alton was fighting for the officers to get off him he was shot dead. I ask myself, why did they shoot him? and why couldn't they just tell him to go somewhere else or even just pull him to the side and discuss why they came so maybe Alton could be like "Okay thank you I'll get my belongings...etc". Police brutality is continuing to get out of hand and I hope you end it because those family's who've lost special members of their family don't deserve that especially with the deaths being 948 being men, who probably were fathers raising children by themselves or an uncle or husband etc.  Every week there seems to be someone dying because they've been shot unfairly by a white officer who was probably angry and released their anger out on a innocent citizen who probably wasn't doing nothing majorly bad.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      I would like to discuss this "#blacklivesmatter" movement going on throughout social media and all around the world. To me personally, I feel like the hashtag is calling attention to how mistreated blacks are by white police officers who tend to probably have a bad day then "catch" someone in color doing something "wrong" and decide "hey let's go hassle him/her". Some may disagree with my opinion but I think it's the truth, yes not all officers are bad but there's officers out there who know they could get away with serious crimes so they don't care about taking a life from an unblemished subject. For example, I remember being in 4th grade and there was a huge case on a man named "Shareef Allman" who had shot a few people at work because he had furious about the new arrangement his boss had gave him. To continue, Shareef soon later hid in an empty house that just so happened to be a family on vacation. He stayed there for a little while then he was soon seen spotted in between two cars crouched up with a riffle, when he was asked to come out and surrender he refused and shot at a officer and was shot 36 times in a gunfire. I just remember thinking to myself that he wasn't even a bad guy he just made a bad choice, I say that because he lived in my complex near me and he wasn't the type of person to hurt anyone, and he had a charming daughter who always had a smile on her face. I will always have that memory in my head throughout my whole life because I know he did not deserve to be shot that many times or shot dead.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    A problem that has been going on for probably as long as I've been alive is grown men doing or saying inappropriate nasty things to young teenage girls. In this economy, you really have to watch out for yourself around men. Us girls should be able to go out wherever and not feel uncomfortable because grown man can't keep their hands to themselves or can't stop staring. Most of the time, it's what we're wearing that attracts men to stare but I feel like we should be able to go out and wear whatever we want because we bought it to wear to go places not just inside. Also, a another common abstract that grabs men attention is our body parts. I strongly feel it's disgusting for a middle age man or older to be staring at a young teenage girl's body, that's just not right. I know you probably can't stop this from going on but I think this is an issue we should address and go over more because it has not really been discussed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   So now to whom ever which is president I ask you, Can you really fix the negative problems going on in our world? and what changes will you actually bring to help our economy? I hope you can do some real justice and stop the killings of innocent bystanders being shot by police officers who could've handled the situation in a totally different way. I ask that you, won't treat any individual a certain way due to their nationality. Now our country is in your control, I prospect that you will try the best you can do to fix the world we live in today no matter how many obstacles you have to face.