is bullying a problem? Minnesota

should bullying be against the law?

American Literature Ms.Starkson Timia McKnight October/4/2016 Dear future president, I would like to inform you on a very important concern that happens on every continent; Bullying and cyber bullying both are the same. Like everyone else you might have done it yourself. Almost everyone gets bullied even bully’s get bullied or have some form of abuse that motivates them to do it themselves. In fact almost 3.2 million people get bullied in both forms physically and mentally. Almost 160.000 teens skipped school trying to avoid being bullied. And a lot of them that bully are under the age of sixteen. Bullying can also lead to thoughts of self-harm as the only way out. 4400 suicides from being bullied we recorded, and more of the young people survived than died. Bullying mostly happens in the form of cyber bullying from sites online like Facebook, Kik, and Snapchat. Most people block them or report them, but it is so easy to create a new account and start again, just to bully the person more. I’m sure you have heard of Amanda Todd, the fifteen year old who took her life because she was blackmailed. Months after she died police released her story. Her mother and friends even created a website. Before she died she made a YouTube video about her life and the events leading up to her death. This subject is so important to be because in ninth grade I was bullied and even before that, last year it got so serious. A subject so small can turn into a big problem and affect your life at school and at home. As a solution, I think it would be a great idea if website like Facebook, have a limit of 16 years or older, and require a social security number to verify the age of a persons account. So future president, will you help the people being bullied? Or will you brush them off? Sincerely, Timia M, Mendota Heights MN, Henery Sibley High School

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