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Controlling Gun Control

How America as a whole and the President should change our gun control laws to benefit citizens safety.

Dear Future President,

        In America guns are widely used among citizens. So much so that it is problematic. I believe that if gun laws become stricter America’s crime and death rates would go down. For example, The Lowdown states in an online article, “ 2010 statistics showing that 7 out of 10 states with the strictest regulations also had the lowest gun homicide rates”. This shows that less death due to gun violence occurs if states have stricter laws to control it. I’m not saying guns should be accessible to the public, however I believe there should be more background checks to ensure citizens safety.

       Too many deaths are happening due to guns being sold to people unfit to be in possession of them. For example, The Lowdown found evidence that says, “more than 75% of the guns used in all these shootings were purchased legally”. In this quote they were speaking on the guns used in the Sandy Hook mass shooting. If someone who conducts a mass shooting can purchase all the guns legally and this easily we need to look at our laws.

       Obviously, there is a problem with the laws we have set so far, due to continuous gun violence occurring from people who purchased the guns legally, however aren’t suitable to have them. If we did more background checks I believe you’d find of the people who have guns in their possession legally, a lot of them aren’t fit to have them. However, I’m not saying no citizen should have them. We just need to be more cautious of who we give the guns to. Especially since “firearms are involved in the deaths of more than 30,000 people in the U.S. annually, says Bloomberg in Guns In America. Considering this is a main cause of death where we live we need to highlight and fix many of the key problems revolving around it. I hope as president you will take this into consideration and make a change that will positively help our country.



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