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Black Lives Matter

There is terrible police brutality going on today and a lot of discrimination. We need to help make change.

    Dear Future President,

Black lives are in danger due to many problems. We need to show change in these events that are happening at this moment. These problems are happening because of profiling, discrimination, no equality, and police brutality. It is completely sad when you have to tell your child that you have to watch out in this world (against discrimination). Also, this makes it hard for a young black child to grow up in America. This really needs to come to an end.

      Out of all the races, Black people are the most likely to get pulled over. Police are pulling over innocent black people every day. Black people are getting searched and pulled over more than any other race. Also, they have the least percentage to be searched for a legitimate reason. There have also been multiple incidents where a police officer has shot a black man. For example, there was a terrible shooting near where I live. On July 5 in Baton Rouge, Alton Sterling was shot while selling CDs. He had been forced to the ground and when he moved his hand, they assumed he had a gun. They shot him right then and there. This shows police have no problem killing unarmed black people. Black people have five times the chance of whites to get shot while unarmed.

      I have only seen one terrible real life situation involving the topic, but there are obviously so much more in the world. When I was at a public gym in Alabama, I saw a group of black men that were told that they couldn't play there. This is a little discrimination that makes me extremely mad about what is happening. The purpose of this letter is to show you how you can improve on this issue. You can get the police departments to be more careful when hiring cops. Second, if a protest is non-violent, we should be encouraging it. This is a good way to make the change quick. You need to get help because we cannot all make the change by ourselves.

     In conclusion, Black lives really do matter and this movement needs to be supported. We need change as quick as possible.Just think about all the African- Americans in the United states. They all should be living without worry. I really hope you consider this because injustice is killing the community. Thank you.



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