Jake Colorado



Dear Mr/Ms. President, 

      I feel that a major problem is immigration. We have many people from other countries but mainly mexico. I feel we need to have secure borders. My points can support my beliefs.

       Immigration use to be a minor thing but people are coming and are boosting our economy but lower it because they aren’t registered citizens. They need to be registered to stay in the country and have more of a choice to do more and work more often. Immigration can be good but we have a con. The biggest problem is Syrian refugees. They are huge problem because we might let terrorists in.

      Terrorism can make us very scared and letting immigrants in will cause huge outrage. Early last year there was a school shooting and was caused by immigrants who supported Isis. The choice you make can affect our country. We nee d to make background checks on both men and women because who knows if they are both terrorists. Immigration can change for the better of every country. 

      I want to have you as a president because you make the choices for America. Your values, your choice, can change the world with your very choices and a decisions. Make your choice wisely president.

Sincerely, Jake M.