Cadence Colorado

Refugee Problem/Global Warming

This letter is about a 7th grader that is telling the president what to do.

Dear President, 

Hey mister/miss President guy, if you actually read this letter that you would be sweet. Also, if you do the things that I am asking of you than that would be even cooler.   

First, try to let some more refugees from Syria because it is not their fault that there is a war going on in their home and they had to leave. Plus, we to were refugees when we came to America. Also, you don't need to tighten security because it is already hard enough to get into America from a war zone, plus in makes it easier for you.

Next, please try to fight Global Warming, because this a problem and it is kind of ending the world right now. No seriously, scientists are saying that we would be lucky to survive 20 years! Without a really bad natural disaster. Also, all the coal the we are burning to create electricity is creating greenhouse gases that are destroying the atmosphere. And when the atmosphere gets destroyed then a bunch of UV radiation that will give us all cancer.

Please listen to this, and if you do. THANK YOU!