Jeraldine M. Georgia

School being delayed

Should school be delayed.

Dear Future President,

As a teenager, I think that school is very important. In a few years, teenagers are going to be the future of our country. Therefore, we need a good education, but classes early in the morning are preventing that from happening.  This problem can even hurt the country’s economy. Having early classes are affecting the health and academic performance of our future leaders.

People have been arguing about the pros and cons about school being delayed. Although people think it’s a bad idea, scientists have proven that students that sleep longer, get good grades and have better health. Teachers can’t teach if students are getting sick because they can’t get enough of sleep. In the article "Should School Start Later to Improve Academic Performance," it states that “students lose impairments in mood, attention, memory, behavior, and executive function.” School starting early is affecting students more than you think so.

“28 percent of teenagers have fallen asleep in class due to the lack of sleep.” This means that teachers can’t teach the students that are sleeping, which causes them to fall behind. This matters because students are not getting the education they need. Also, students might even fail a grade due to this issue. Students academic performance is decreasing each and every day.

“Due to the lack of sleep teenagers get in car crashes.” This means that lack of sleep is affecting the health of the students. Not only do parents drive their kids to school, but students also drive to school. Which is a danger during school hours. This matters because the life of the students is in jeopardy. Also students get sick because they are waking up early. Which means that they have to miss school. A student's health is not something to be taken lightly.

Even though the pros impact the country in a positive way, there is also cons about delaying school. For example school will have to end later. Some parents can't drive their kids to school, because the hours of school get between their jobs hours.The pros are more beneficial for the country. A solution for this problem is delaying school thirty minutes.This will increase a better health and academic performance.

This problem is a affecting teenagers. I’m asking you to do something about this issue. If you fix this problem it will show better results. Some districts have even proven that their academic performance have gone up, due to the change in school starting late. Fixing this problem means that it will make the country better. Students need the best education they could get.


Jeraldine M