Denise Colorado


Dear President, everyone has a situation in their life. But when homelessness comes in, it can be very serious. Over a million people are homeless in the world. And when they have a disease or a disability or even a family, homelessness can be even harder on them. Homelessness can lead to losing a job or depression. Depression can lead to suicide which makes more deaths on the street. For example, the more deaths people hear about the go on in that state, the less tourist that will come and report to other people how efficient that state is. Also, when people have families and they’re homeless without a job, it could be harder to feed their families and buy clothes for the seasons. It can be hard for kids to focus in school and know where they’re going to sleep. I’ll tell more about that later. Moving on, Kids shouldn’t have to worry about where they’re going to sleep for the night. For many kids that’s normal. Which is sad but that’s what kids have to go through when they’re homeless. So for they don’t have to worry about where they’re going to sleep and focus on their school work is pretty hard to do. So I think that’s why the government should provide houses or apartments for the homeless. But I still have more reasons why they should provide houses or apartments for the homeless. Additionally, the people with mental disabilities that are homeless have a hard time making a living or getting a job. Maybe their disabilities aren’t that bad but when people are picky about who they choose to hire for jobs, it can be difficult to find a job near them that accepts their disabilities and how they’re living. Some jobs accept the disability part but then again they ask how they’re living and they may say no to that lifestyle. Also, since they’re living on the street they may not know what they’re doing or people may not want to get near them and that means that people wouldn’t go to that area where maybe the store is at the the important places people go to. Which leads to running out of business or not getting things done. And that’s my second reason why the government should provide homes to the homeless. Thirdly, some people that are homeless will do anything to get off the streets. Which can lead to selling drugs or doing bad things for other people. Which also can make it even more dangerous for other people to live on the streets. For example, I read an article that had a piece of information that said, “A homeless person sold an illegal object to make money.” I’m not sure what the object was or the name of the website that had the article but I do know what it said. So that is my third reason why the government should provide homes or apartments for the homeless. Lastly, the effects of the weather that homeless people go through.. Millions of homeless people have to deal with the freezing blizzards and the blistering heat. They don’t have the money to buy clothing that fits the seasons. Also, it will be hard for them to get through each season. For example, in the winter they could get frostbite and terrible colds that could make them die. And in the summer, they could get badly sunburnt and skin cancer. So many things could happen in the seasons that could be bad for homeless people to go through. That is my last reason why the government should provide homes for homeless people.

Sincerly, Denise