Donovan M. Colorado

Letter to the next

Guns, drugs are bad, social security, and jobs are good

I would like to state something that you might have a problem in the future . Gun control is a problem now and it might be a problem in the future, so gun control is a problem because there has been 196 school shooting since 2013 to 2016 , This is only one of the many problems that have to do with guns. Another statement I would like to make is about social security. Social security is good for people who cannot find a job or just for old people that cannot work anymore. The government is gonna waste most of the social security money that the people need more. If the government uses all of the social security money, many people will be living on the streets but if they use all of that money Social Security lifts 22.2 million Americans out of poverty. Without it, the poverty rate of our seniors would be 44%; instead it is 9%. Nearly 2 out of 3 seniors depend on Social Security for most of their income.

Another platform that I would like to talk about is jobs. Jobs are very important to the economy and the people. Lots of people need job because there are a lot of people that are coming the the United States. Also there are many homeless people who need jobs. Jobs are important because jobs can help people learn how the economy works. Many people need jobs so they can support themselves or their families. If you were to create thousands of thousands of jobs , there would be less homeless people on the streets.

A platform that I would like to talk about is drugs. Usually when parents are in use of drugs, they usually lose custody of their children. 2013 data, About 570,000 people die annually in the U.S. due to drug use. That breaks down to about 440,000 from disease related to tobacco, 85,000 due to alcohol, 20,000 due to illegal drugs, and 20,000 due to prescription drug abuse. If you have the government get rid of illegal drugs or just to stop producing illegal drugs so there wouldn’t be so many drugs related deaths.