suzanne California

College Debt

My letter is to speak up about the issue in students having to struggle on paying for their college tuition. I am writing this to call for an attention on students not being able to focus on only their education due to having to pay back what they owe.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to address the issue of students struggling with college debt. Although you, as the President cannot change the world’s opinion towards many of society’s issues such as discrimination, you can make a change towards students who are dealing with multiple jobs and eating instant food as their meal to pay for their student loans. I want to argue that the government is able to use an unlimited amount of money for war and advanced equipment, but is not able to help students get the education they deserve without stressing over the large amount of money they have to earn just to pay back the government. The American Dream today, is about success and maintaining prosperity, but without any money during college and after college, leaves the undergraduate and graduate with more weight to overcome. Whilst their hard work through college, students will have a hard time making a living with little money and also finding a job that they majored in. I would also add in the fact that it costs $800 or higher to be able to park at college. Students who choose to dorm due to the far distance between home and school, is given a higher amount of student loan. With the parking price added, it causes a much bigger struggle, including those whose family was already dealing with financial problems and providing for the family. Transportation, books and supplies,and personal expenses are also major factors that decreases the students' ability to focus on education. Getting education is important to success. The issue is, it is getting more difficult to get education and achieve the American Dream with the high cost of college.

Sincerely, Suzanne