Mary Texas

College Tuition

College tuition should be lowered because it should be more affordable to the average American family without them going into major debt.


Dear Future President,

There is a problem I would like to address to you, college tuition, now I realize that you may have heard about this problem multiple times. That’s just the thing, though, if you heard about it and keep hearing about it then it’s probably still a huge problem. When young adults graduate from high school most of them plan on attending college but a good portion of those young adults don’t end up going because the college tuition is way too high and could land them in serious debt. Even the high school graduates who end up going to college end up with mountains of student loans and debt. This point leads me to why I am sending this letter to you, if college tuition is lowered then more young adults will choose to go college because it will be more affordable to them and the average American family.

When students go and graduate college most of them have a big problem which is student loans and college debt that will take years to pay off depending on which college they went to. Most graduates either go to grad school or start on planning and living the rest of their lives. College debt makes hard to do that because they are so focused on paying those dues they have no idea where to start. By lowering college tuition it takes off the stress of starting out life in major debt that would last for years. Lowering tuition would be beneficial to everyone because it keeps the student less stressed and more focused on striving for greater things, it also helps the parents because they won’t have to worry so much about falling into debt by sending more than one of their kids to college, and it also helps the colleges because more kids would attend the college of their choice. I urge you to think about this because it affects the majority of the american population.


Mary A.