Alex California

Police Brutality

What i believe is a problem in the US

Dear Trump,

There is an issue that has been happening for a long time now and that issue is police brutality against African Americans. I think that police officers have way too much power. I believe that the expectations to be a cop should be harder. People have protested but nothing is being done about. I believe that there should be harder expectations for a cop and that cops should be using the right amount of force. 

Cops should have harder expectations and should use the right amount of force. I believe that cops use more then the necessary force needed. Cops should have harder test or more advanced running courses. Officers should report things they see from other officers that they know isn't right. Officers should be making better decisions especially because they are cops.

There has to be a solution to these problems. Studies on 17,000 law enforcement officers show that 84% of officers have witnessed other officers using more then the necessary force. I think that all cops should have cameras that are always on while that officer is on duty, so that they can make better decisions. This study also shows that 61% of officers do not report serious abuse by fellow officers. Cops should have test that are made by police chiefs or someone who has experienced all kinds of problems in the field. 

The issue is that the cops use to much force and aren't honest. Cops should have harder expectations and punishments that are worse because they know the law and they know whats good from bad. This is important because cops are suppose to make us feel safe not scared. I really think that cops think that they are above the law. I expect the future president to help those people that are being hurt by the people who call themselves cops. 

Sincerely, Alex