Nathaniel g. Massachusetts

Reducing the Amount of Homework

On average kids are assigned 17.5 hours of homework each week. About 45 million kids play a sport and 6 out of 10 participate in extracurricular activities. Many kids worry about being able to finish their homework with their extracurricular activities.

Dear future president, 

Homework is a big stress for students across the country. Six out of ten kids participate in extracurricular activities. Many activities go on for two hours or more right after school. Teachers on average give out 17.5 hours of homework a week. Kids are encouraged to go out and get involved and participate in extracurricular activities. Many kids however are afraid to participate in activities because they don't think they will have time to complete their homework.

No kid should keep themselves out of activities because of homework. Kids should have time to do things they enjoy. Kids have six hours of school each day and most likely end up doing at least an hour of homework or more. Extracurricular activities provide life lessons and are very important to having a fun childhood. Extracurricular activities provide kids with social skills, life skills, and find who they are. Sports keep kids in shape because many will not excersize on their own. It is encouraged that kids get sixty minutes of excersize each day. Sports provide 60 minutes or more each day of very good excersize while they learn important life lessons.

With homework comes stress as well. Stress can cause anxiety, restlessness, lack of motivation or focus, anger, and depression. Some kids become very stressed over homework which can cause severe mood changes and change in behavior. This can affect them in school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. In worst cases stress can cause depression which can lead to drug or acohol abuse, social withdrawal, and under or over eating. With less homework kids will have time to relax and enjoy things they like to do without stressing about schoolwork. It will also let kids get more sleep because many kids stay up late doing homework and stress can be caused by lack of sleep. 

Our education system needs change. 

Sincerely, Nathaniel Gould