Aidan M. Washington

Climate Change

Climate change is effecting our nation and globe drastically, and you need to help solve this problem

Aidan M and Andrew H

Olympia, WA

6, November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Our nation is struggling with many issues that are affecting us. For our nation to prosper and succeed, these issues need to be solved. If the nation is problem free, then every individual will not have to worry and will have no boundaries for their success.

The issue that is most important to solve is climate change. Climate change is when greenhouse gases stop heat from escaping earth, which raises the temperature. Because of this, their will be challenges to sustain all forms of life. Climate change raises the sea level, which can put cities at risk of going underwater. Climate change is happening rapidly, so plants and animals don’t have enough time to adapt, which will threaten the population. Big, strong storms are another result of climate change, which can damage cities. These results of climate change can be devastating, which is why this is the most important issue.

The world without this problem is a place people, plants, and animals want to live in. Plants and animals will have time to adapt to the natural climate change, and cities won’t be threatened. With no threats, these populations will be able to prosper, worry free.

Due to climate change, massive ice forms are melting down, increasing the sea level. If the sea level gets too high, cities will be submerged in water. If we stop this now, the ice sheets will decreases their melting rate and continue their growth rate. If temperatures decrease, there will be less damage to crop industries and personal farms. There will be less droughts in states like California, Nevada and Oregon. Coral reefs will start returning and specific species will be saved form distinctions. Lastly, the worst climate change is, the worst storms get so if we can deal with this problem there will be less devastating storms like hurricane Camille, Ike, Anges and Floyd. Things we can do to change climate change in a positive way is not overusing products we find in nature like fossil fuels, planting trees will help reduce carbon dioxide, and releasing chemicals to counteract the effect of carbon. If we can do this, we can preserve this earth we live on for our future society.

To our future president, there are things that you can do that would help us deal with this problem. The first thing you could do is use your publicity and continuously mention climate change so more people would be aware of this increasing problem. If more people are aware of this situation, people will think twice about things they may be doing that is contributing to climate change.


Andrew and Aidan

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 4

8th Graders

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