Quynh-Nhu Washington

Abortion Rights

Women should have a choice to have an abortion without feeling pressured and shamed. In the name of our history, in the past when we fought for freedom in the United States, I believe to this day, we should keep that honor of having equal rights.

To the next president of the United States,

   It is true that women should be able to choose their abortion but people may say that killing is wrong. While this may not seem important to some, people would say it is wrong to kill a fetus when it’s the mother’s fault that they were the ones to create the baby. On the other hand, in reality, women have dreams that they shouldn't put on hold or even end for a fetus that isn't fully developed, some women don't want their kids for reason because it can put them at risk in many ways like in cause of health, financial problems or it's just the father was the one who raped the mother and can be abusive afterward since he had control over them once the child is born.

    In many places of the world, women isn't able to support herself due to the “golden” rule that men takes cares of the financial aids of the household and it is she who takes cares of the household, Though it is true that we have went through a long history of women right, even today, women are still not allowed to do what men do. Giving the fact that “Thirty-five states do not provide abortion funding for poor women” says Smith. I believe this is because they think it is not important enough due to the fact women can put the kid to adoption, what they don't know that it can cause depression towards women because she is scared for the child who has to grow up alone, knowing that his mother did not want or could not keep him. Abortion makes a statement that women is allowed to go up for abortion and not have something hold against her, things such as financial.

   A large amount of pregnancy is due to decision of other people and not the women who, herself is carrying the baby, decision such as rape or incest is made by other people. Many people feels like it right that women’s abortion is banned so that she can follow what others want instead of herself. “Thirty-two states do not provide abortion for women who become pregnant as result of rape or incest. In which some have passed laws virtually banning abortion.” says Smith. This saying tells us that man is controlling the lives of women and then being the states supporting it shows that women have very little right when it comes to voicing herself and her choices. This shows that why women should be able to choose their abortion because some women wouldn’t want to raise a child in which every time she looks at it, she would be reminded of the person would the raped/incest victim and took her rights to make her own choices.

   Many teens today don’t make right choices because for one their young adult that don’t know what they want to do or to be, or the fact that they can easily wavered when it comes to the time to have fun so when a teen falls pregnant, reality will hit them and make them realize how will she can take care of another human being when she cant take care of herself. In this article it say that young women “have fears about how having a baby will impact her own life and dreams for the future.” says Bodeeb. This is one of the reason why abortion should be allowed because Young teens also aren't capable to raise a baby because they don't have full time employment and they will get annoyed because they must pay full attention to their child instead of their schoolwork and social life. This tells us that have just having giving birth and raising a child is harder than it seems when young adults are not ready to take on this responsibility.

   I am convinced that women should be able choose if they want to abort their baby or not due to the fact that we live in a free country, we should respect ourselves and make sure women are ready to have a baby because it is a huge step to take towards responsibly, and willpower that many women aren't ready for. We, As the people of the United states of the America can help fund for these women because together we’re better.


Quynh Nhu N

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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