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Gun Use

We Need More Gun Control

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

People get killed due to gun laws and gun safety on the daily. The issue that I'm worried about is gun safety. They should care about this issue because guns are not safe. We should have more laws that make owning a gun safer.

I think there should be background checks for people who buy a gun. I think that if you buy/get a gun you should have to prove that you're not going to use your gun for anything violent. “Should we have background checks, waiting periods? To drive a car you have to pass a test that shows you know how to drive your car safely, you should have to do the same thing with guns.”(Barnes D. Michael).

We should have a limit with guns in public places. So in Texas where carrying a weapon is not very regulated, “permit holders were arrested for over 5,000 crimes, including murder, rape, kidnapping and theft,”(Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence). This is important because people were allowed to carry guns to movie theaters, restaurants and parks. This gave them the opportunity to commit crime.

I think there should be more laws related to how you get a gun and who gets a gun.First, many pro-gun advocates argue that an unarmed citizenry will be helpless against a tyrannical government. While it is possible that tyranny may arise in our nation, this seems unlikely, given the existence of democratic institutions and a strong tradition of adherence to the rule of law.

The right to own a firearm is not absolute; its exercise should be dependent upon the individual meeting several important conditions: a criminal and mental health and background check, a required safety course, competency with a firearm demonstrated via a skills test, a regular renewal requirement, a minimum age requirement of 25 years old. If we do this we won't have to worry about gun violence in America.



West Seattle High School

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4th/5th period

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