Tyler C. Virginia

Teens in Transition

This letter is about the struggles of teens in the LGBT community and how social and domestic support is important for their development in their time of adolescence.

Tyler C.


Future President of The United States

Dear Madam/Mister President,

I am excited to see how you take on the great accomplishment on becoming the President of the United States. I am curious about how you will make the country even better than before during your presidential journey. There are all sorts of problems in America that need to be fixed, however, I for one believe that the LGBT community deserves more equality in today’s society.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, or the LGBT community, is steadily increasing, as “coming out” is becoming more and more socially acceptable. However, teens who are exploring their preference of sexuality and/or gender are faced with the everlasting fear of harassment in a school environment.

Students with what some people call a “social deformity”, such as being transgender, are constantly worried they will be rejected by their peers. It is twice as hard for someone who has a unique difference, such as being gay, to get the acceptance from others in school. Social acceptance means everything to a growing child and without it they feel alone and isolated. If students put their differences aside in school and at home then the kids in fear of expressing themselves would be less afraid to do so.

Along with the isolation of kids in the LGBT community the suicide rates amongst those are increasing at a surprisingly high rate. This fluctuation is due to the continuous bullying and harassment that reeks havoc on youth in the LGBT community. Although there are constant attempts to solve the problem of inequality from those who do care about every student, the end result is that someone who does not embody those opinions shuts them down (“Encountering Problems at School,” 2015).

I believe that you, the President, can and hopefully will encourage more equality and knowledge given to students based on facts alone. Also, I hope that the LGBT community is expressed more throughout the school systems that ways kids in fear understand that they will be accepted for who they are.

Dealing with a bully is hard for anyone to do let alone someone who feels as if they are isolated from everyone else. Even with supportive school counseling or support groups students are unlikely to receive the help they need (“Bullying and Cyberbullying”).

Teens in these particular situations needs a friend who understands them not some underpaid adult trying to explain what they did wrong. Having support at home and in friend groups is what is important for LGBT kids suffering from harassment. Parental support is key to their development at this age. So, because of this I think that there should be more resources for concerned parents who need more knowledge on the subject.

As a brother of someone who has been in this predicament I know it is hard. My sister hid her sexual orientation from my family for a long time in fear of judgement from the ones she needed acceptance from the most. After telling us the truth we were all really shocked, but we supported her no matter what. From this moment on I noticed that something had changed, she was a happier person than she used to be and for that I am grateful she did not hide her true self any longer.

With this personal experience I know that someone going through something similar needs their family behind them. They need their parents to embrace the idea that they are who they are and can not be changed. Luckily my sister has a loving family who accepted her, but some people are not as lucky.

Those who disagree with the life choices of the LGBT society usually blame God for their inhumane treatment of those people. However, the bible states that God will accept you as you are as long as you apologize for your sins. So the path of which a homosexual follows after death should be up to God and not the people who follow him. Besides, all of the gay/lesbian people I know all go to church and believe in God. Besides, why shouldn’t Christians treat all people with respect regardless of their sexual orientation? As the bible say, “Honor men of all sorts”(1 Peter 2:17).

Fore these reasons if something is not changed in the way people think of the LGBT community youth, the transitioning teens will be lost forever. They will be forever alone only waiting for that final moment where it is all over. All of the bullying, harassment, name calling, abuse, and pain cannot go away without the help of society and the changing of their ways. In order to solve this, there should be more equality in schools for those in the LGBT community.


Tyler C.

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